Stuck at home and literally stuck for ideas on what to do? You don’t want to resort to screen time every hour of the day but you still need some of your own sanity intact as well. Don’t worry I’ve compiled a list of activities to do from home with your kids! Ones you can enjoy  together or they can do themselves! Fun and even some educational options included. Obviously different ages will find different things interesting but hopefully you find something for in there for everyone!

Cooking/Baking – Why not get them to help you prepare dinner? Help bake some cookies or a cake?  

Playdough – Make your own or buy some. Either way you know this will provide hours of endless entertainment! Just pop down an easy wipe down mat so you can enjoy the mess and dare I say it all the colours getting mixed together…..

Painting – Again pop down that mat and make sure they either have on old clothes or an apron and let them have fun! The options are endless. Paint paper, rocks, leaves, plaster, anything. Give them sponges, use their fingers just enjoy the moment.

Drawing – Print out some colouring pages, or have a drawing game where you name a subject and they have to draw it. Try drawing with different items: crayons, pencils, chalk, etc.

Art/Crafts – So many endless options! Make puppets out of toilet paper rolls. Paper plate animals.

DIY Sensory Bottles – Not only are they fun to make they can make for a great calming tool for your kids. Here is a great tutorial and remember to always make sure the lid is secure before giving them to your kids

Have a Picnic Lunch/Dinner in the Backyard/Loungeroom Floor – Break from the norm and set yourselves up a picnic. It will feel like such a treat for them and even you. Getting out of the everyday routine is always fun!

Tea Parties – Why not set up a tea party with all of their toys and let them serve imaginary food and drink till their hearts content

Read Books – Always a good option at any age

Learn to Read/Write their Own Name – If they’re at an age where they are beginning to recognise letters and draw them why not set them up with some activities to trace their own name. 

Learn to Count/Count to a Certain Number/Addition, etc. – Depending on their developmental stage give them some math activities that will help them.

Learn Shapes – Try out some flashcards with different shapes to get them recognising each shape

Learn Letters/Numbers – Use either books/flashcards to introduce these to your child and then bring in other resources that repeat these, eg: jigsaws, songs, etc.

Learn Colours – Again books/flashcards are great for this

Play Board Games – There is board games that are great for all different ages and so much fun to enjoy as a family so play some of those

Create an Obstacle Course Inside/Outside – Burn some of that excess energy! Getting them climbing, running, jumping, crawling, rolling, etc. They will love it and you will love the peace later when they’re more worn out!

Campout in the Loungeroom/Playroom for the night – Kids thrive on routine so a little break from routine like this can be like a big treat for them! Plus it’s pretty fun for the whole family!

Keep the Balloon in the Air – Again a great way to burn up some excess energy! Blow up a balloon and use your hands to keep it from touching the ground. As kids my brother and I used to take the long, thin pieces of Duplo and play a tennis match with the ballon and those over a bed.

Create a Scavenger Hunt – Hide items for them to find around the house.

Dance Party – Pop on some music and dance some of that energy out.

Table Tent – Create a tent under the Dining Room table for them to hide/play under. Just drape some sheets/blankets over the table and weigh them down on top so they hold. They think they’re the coolest kids on the block.

Hide and Seek – I mean does this game ever get old. You could always get them to hide one of their toys for you to find.

Learn how to Ride a Bike – Take some time to practice this skill they will love.

Bubble Wrap Popping – Who doesn’t love to pop bubble wrap? Under supervision of course, give them some bubble wrap to dance on, roll on or pop till their hearts content.

Floor is Lava/Water – Tape some towels/put down some cushions, etc. Make it safe obviously, and tell them the floor is lava/water and they can only touch the towels/cushions/whatever you have put down for them. Get them to move around the room.

Make Paper Airplanes – Learn the art of paper airplane folding and have a flight competition to see who can fly theirs the furthest.

Bubbles – Get outside with a bubble machine or a bubble wand and some dishwashing liquid and have some bubble magic fun.

Learn how to Catch/Throw – Grab a ball and start throwing and catching to start those hand-eye coordination skills.

Nature Scavenger Hunt in Backyard – Go around and get them to see what items they can find in the backyard – sticks, stones, ladybug, flowers, etc. 

Make Shadow Puppets on the Wall – At night have just a lamp on and try your handiwork at some shadow puppets.

Learn their Name in Sign Language – Why not gauge their interest in learning sign language by learning their name to start with.

Lego/Duplo – Have building competitions

Jigsaw Puzzles – Great for young and old 

Gardening – Maybe start a veggie patch and get them to help you plant and look after the plants. They might even want to eat them once they’ve grown them themselves!

Dress Ups – Play make believe and dress ups

Learn to Tie Shoelaces – Maybe make up a song so they remember an easy way to do it.

Ten Pin Bowling – If you don’t have a set of indoor skittles just grab a plastic/soft ball and some plastic bottles and set up your own alley.

Create Block Towers  – See how high they can be built before they fall over.

Make a Pillow Fort – Grab all the pillows and cushions in the house and set up a pillow fortress that nobody can enter.

Rearrange their Bedrooms – Then they get a whole new feel to their space. Why not get them to help pick where things go. Need some inspiration on how you want to put their room together? Why not try making a Moodboard?

Press some Flowers – Don’t own a flower press? Sandwich them between some paper towel and some heavy books

Do a Playroom Cull – Get them to go through their toys and ask them what they would like to donate/get rid of. 

Make Cards – Make a stockpile of Birthday/Christmas Cards for the future

Flower Chains – Pick flowers and create a flower chain – or even make one out of paper.

Cloud Spotting – Lie on the ground and spot cloud shapes in the sky.

Science Experiments – Baking soda volcano, ballon rocket, colour mixing, etc. 

Stare at the Stars – Take a moment at night to look at the stars and see if you can spot anything special.

Waterplay in the Backyard – Pop on a sprinkler, jump in some puddles, create mud pies.

Colourful Pancakes – Add some food dye into the batter to make them colourful

Family Car Wash/Dog Wash – Why not get everyone in on the action with the duties around the house. 

Crazy Hair Day – See what kind of crazy hair styles you can come up with. 

Create a Marble/Ball Maze – This is definitely fun for everyone! See if you can the ball to knock something down as part of the maze (like dominoes) or land in a hole (like golf)

Sensory Activities – Sensory activities are great for early childhood development, eg: coloured rice, object/colour sorting, etc. 

DIY Musical Instruments – Tissue Paper Box Guitar, Rice and Plastic Bottle Maracas, etc.

Cardboard Box Fun – Create a car, castle/anything out of a cardboard box

So there you have it 55 activities to do from home with your kids. I’d love to hear if you try some of them out.

Have fun!

Em x

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