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Do you ever just wonder what happened to the the magic of childhood?You know  what I mean. Those moments you will treasure forever. Childhood memories that are filled with laughter, adventure and innocence.

In a world where kids are now growing up so quickly it seems some of those years of childhood innocence are lost. Instead they are carrying the weight of the world around on their shoulders and worrying about things that are well beyond their years.

Sure we all have to grow up someday, but when you’re lucky enough to hold onto that childhood magic inside you everything is just a little bit more amazing!

And that right there is what Peppermint Tree Creations is all about. Helping create spaces and bring those rooms to life that let your kids just be kids. Spaces to let them dream, imagine and adventure in their own little worlds so they can keep a little piece of that childhood magic in them forever.





Hi, I’m Emma the crazy cushion lady behind this handmade business venture.

Based just south of Perth in Western Australia all items are lovingly handmade in my smoke free home.

I’ve always loved creating ever since I was a little girl and learning to sew with my Mum would have to be some of the best childhood memories I have. So now I am sharing what I love to create with you!I am passionate about helping create magical spaces for kids to grow, imagine, create and explore! In a world where they grow up so quickly, let them be little for a little longer and create a magical space for their personalities to grow!  Because magic will always exist if only you look for it!

Read more about the journey behind the business here. 


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