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Bring a little magic to your home – discover our range of kids decor cushions!

Handmade with love for your precious little ones.

The Original Range

The classics. These are the shapes that make up childhood dreams. Shoot for the moon and stars. Spotting shapes in the clouds. Unconditional love. They will fit out your rooms perfectly and can be made in the colours to suit your decor. You can even personalise some of our creations! Can’t stop at just one cushion? Why not check out the Cushion Combo Packs?

The Unique Range

Been looking for something to match a specific theme? These cushions are designed specifically with that in mind. They will help you add an extra touch of whimsy to your magical kids spaces! Something a little bit different that you can’t find just anywhere.

The Dolls Range

Bringing you the cutest mini versions of our best selling star and heart cushions! Let your kids match their dolls and fit out their dolls bedding with the cutest cushions to create a space as equally stylish as they have themselves! Need more cute options for your little ones dolls? Check out the Dolls Cushion Combo Pack.

Cushion Combo Packs

Let’s be honest – is one cushion ever really enough? If you’re a lover of cushions you know you can’t stop at just one, and really they look better styled in odd numbers and sizes anyway! These are just what you have been looking for plus they save you money. Really it’s a win, win! Pick the colours you want in each size so they are perfectly suited to your decor.