Rattan (pronounced re-tan) has been rising is popularity in recent years and has well and truly become a leading kids interior design trend this year. So why is it so popular? Why do we love it so much and why are we so drawn to it? Well let’s take a look at my 3 reasons why is rattan the new black!



As a design trend that also dominated the 1970’s you get an instant sense of nostalgia when you see rattan pieces as you’ve more than likely seen them in your grandparents/parents home when you were growing up. And whilst you may not want to be recreating that particular look from those times. I mean let’s be honest some of those things need to just stay right back in that timezone! It’s the nostalgic moments and feelings you will hold onto. That is what you will be recreating with your own children in this new space you’re designing for them. Recent times have reminded us that cherishing and creating those memories with our loved ones are so important. So it’s nice to have something that instantly gives you that feeling of a big warm hug! 

Natural Element


It is an extremely versatile material that is both durable and flexible. It is made from a vine like palm and bent/woven into shape. This makes it both super hardwearing but also incredibly lightweight in comparison to traditional furniture pieces.

Adding some natural elements (even if it is only 1 or 2) to your kids space is a great way to create a calming space. Read here for more info. Rattan statement pieces are definitely a simple way to do this. They also pair well with other natural elements and colours so you can easily add botanicals, earthy tones, florals, etc. to the space and nothing will look out of place. 



Whether you decide to fully deck your kids space out with rattan furniture or just add a simple statement piece into the space its exciting to see just how versatile it is with a multitude of different design trends. From boho vintage, jungle safari, botanical, gender neutral, enchanted garden, retro, the list is pretty endless. It can even be painted to add that extra bold statement if you’re not a fan of its natural colour. You can add in furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, storage baskets, or even just cute decor/toys like dolls houses and bassinets (perfect size for our dolls cushions), cooking sets, wall decals, etc. Some of my favourite rattan toys/decor are Junimoon Store. For furniture I would recommend Poppy’s Little Treasures.

So there you have it, my top 3 reasons why rattan is the new black! It can help create all sorts of magic in your kids spaces and it’s definitely a  design trend that won’t be going anywhere anytime soon so I’d love to know if you’re a fan too?

Always believe in magic. 

Em x

Image Credits (Top to Bottom)

Main Image – @grow.free.wildflowers

Rattan Pram – @junimoon_store

Rattan Bed Head – @momentswithus_

Dolls Bassinet – @lacey.x.laila