Let’s be honest, there is nothing quite like getting out there amongst nature and smelling the fresh air! It resets the mind and washes away all the stress and tension. So adding some of these natural elements to your little one’s nursery is a great way to feel those vibes throughout your home. Plus it’s not actually as hard as you might think! Here is just a few easy ways to add natural vibes to your nursery and bring the outdoors in:


Probably one of the simplest but also most overlooked natural elements of any space. Natural lighting is what will help you feel most refreshed. Using lighter colours on the walls will help make the space feel brighter. If you want to use a bolder colour, opt for one wall only as darker colours actually absorb natural light and therefore make the space feel smaller. Use sheer curtains to allow those waves of natural light to flood the space and bring the positive vibes in!

Add a Shade of Green

Definitely a simpler alternative!  Whether this be a feature wall, some decals, artwork, linen, cushions (our leaf cushion in sage green is perfect). Adding your favourite shade of green is a simple way to bring some natural vibes to your nursery. A small splash in a shade of yellow, eg: mustard, could be used in a similar respect as it brings the elements of sunshine in.

Timber/Natural Fibres

Furniture or decor items made out of timber or other natural fibres such as rattan, wicker, jute, etc. are an excellent way to bring some natural elements into your nursery. These items add warmth and texture to the space so will instantly help you feel those natural vibes.


This is really up to personal preference as to whether you add real/fake plants into the space. Real plants have the added benefit of purifying the air but if you aren’t exactly a green thumb you have to keep them alive. And don’t forget to keep them away from your child. Or find something that isn’t going to hurt them should they decide to eat it once they become more mobile. There are other ways to achieve the same aesthetics as plants though if you’re hesitant – see below.

Floral Decor

Flowers have a similar effect to plants in bringing the outdoors in and that freshness to the space. However, having to constantly buy fresh flowers is just not ideal. So there is so many great alternatives out there now. Linen with floral prints (some of my favourites are Snuggly Jacks and Princess Panda Pants Co). There is also fabulous removable wall decal and wallpaper companies (my favourites Blond Noir and Minnie and Me Interiors). Some other great options: artworks, floral mobiles, garlands, wreaths, cushions, etc. (our limited release cushions are a great addition). They make unique statement pieces and are easy ways to add natural vibes to your nursery!


Animals have always been a strong influence amongst baby products and nursery styling. But you will find they are now steering more towards real-life style animals rather than the baby style ones. This means you can design a room to last! Adding animals into the space not only brings a natural vibe into the space but also gives them an introduction into recognising those animals from a young age.  That is why you see the jungle safari style being so on trend right now. It combines both the love of nature and animals as well as the desire to learn and adventure! Plus it’s so easy to add in – artwork (Isla Dream Prints is perfect for adding some animal art), soft toys, wooden decor pieces, etc.

So there you have it! A few simple ways you can add some natural vibes to your nursery. Pick out those you want to use and happy styling!

Em x

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