Short on time and want to instantly transform your kids bedroom/playspace from what you currently have? It may seem overwhelming at first but did you know you can instantly transform the room with just a few items? It’s actually easier than you might think. So here you have it – 3 Simple Ways to Create a Statement in a Kids Space

Wall Decals

This has to be one of my current favourites. Removable wall decals are literally life savers when it comes to not only creating a statement but also transforming a space. The design options are truly endless. So it can be as simple as some animal spots, to as elaborate as palm trees, florals, animals, amongst other things. Pick something that flows with your room. And the best part is you can easily move them around whenever you want! There is plenty of amazing brands out there making them but one of my favourites is Blond Noir.


Again something super simple but some super cute artwork that matches the theme of your space will instantly transform the room. You can easily match the decals and artwork together to make the room flow and have a cohesive feel to it. If you’re looking for some cute whimsical characters then I highly recommend Isla Dream Prints.


I mean I had to go there didn’t I…… But in all seriousness I like to think they’re kinda like the cherry on top of the cake. They just add that extra magical touch. Pick some of the feature colours from the artwork/ wall decals and you will instantly see the cushions create a statement within the room. Whether that be situated on a bed,  chair, or under a canopy in a little reading nook. Pick some out in a theme to match your design, eg: leaf for jungle safari theme, gum leaf for Australiana, bow for girly princess room. Or just go for a bit of mix and match with the shapes. Regardless they will be sure to be a feature.

These items are sure to help you quickly transform your space but also create visual statements in the room. The most important thing to keep in mind is to pick items that compliment each other. Easiest way to do this is to find feature colours from one of them and use them on the other, eg: the wall decals may feature a number of different colours – pick a few you want to really feature and match them in the artwork and cushions. This not only creates a cohesive design but is also the simplest way to create a statement in a kids space. 

Sometimes it can also pay to create a moodboard to see if you like the items together. See here for more details about creating mood boards. They are a great visual design tool to see how a room will look before you put it into the real life design process. Now go and create those statement pieces! I would love to see what you come up with.

Em x