You might be surprised to find out that the biggest trend prediction for kids interiors in 2020 is in fact not a new trend at all… In good news you’ve probably already been living and loving it subconsciously for the past year or so. But 2020 will really see it taken up a notch. And not just in your kids spaces, this is actually something that is seen throughout your whole home. Creating a more cohesive interior design throughout your home. Just with extra added touches of whimsy in those areas your kids call their own. So what is it you ask? Earthy Tones. The kids interior trend of 2020.

Sounds so simple. Well guess what that’s because it actually is! Have you noticed you keep hearing the word ‘mindfulness’ being thrown around like it’s going out of business? It’s basically the ability to be fully present in the moment. In busy lives filled with work, technology and the weight of the world on their shoulders, people are wanting to create a home that takes them away from that and allows them to enjoy each moment they have with their family and friends. This design style also creates a sense of calm and freshness. It has evolved from the craze of Marie Kondo and been has revised down into a nature inspired and calming design style.

So how on earth do you apply this to your kids rooms?


When I say earthy tones it doesn’t have to be rich and deep colours. It can be if you want, they are gorgeous, but it doesn’t have to be. Think any colours that are naturally occur in nature. It’s such a versatile design style, which is why it is so popular! Whilst the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020 – Classic Blue will be sure to inspire a lot of rooms, you can also look for other naturally occurring colours. The options are really endless: beige, sand, ochre, greyish-lilac, sage, rust, etc. Get inspired by nature! Take some photos and look at the colours in the landscape to see what colours are naturally occurring there. They will automatically bring a sense of calm to the room. Use softer colours, eg: beige or colours with grey/white undertones for the walls to avoid closing the room in and making it feel too small. If you wish to use a bolder colour I would suggest keeping it to one or two feature walls only. Those rich, bold tones whilst cosy, will make the space more confined if used on all walls.


As there is a strong focus on nature here the use of natural materials pairs incredibly well with earthy tones. Think timber, wicker, rattan, natural fibre bedding/blankets, etc. eg: cotton, linen, wool, etc. It’s all about textures! And layers. Plus because it is all natural there is less focus on ‘perfection’ per say when it comes to manufacturing. Family heirlooms, vintage finds and handmade pieces are of particularly high value in these spaces as we focus more on ‘one of a kind’ sentimental pieces and sharing memories than we do on throwaway pieces that last for 5 minutes or less.


Add some pieces inspired by nature. Whether that is some plants (if you have babies you may want to stick to the fake variety), some wallpaper, wall decals, artwork, linen or even garlands with flowers. A dried floral arrangement for the wall. Animal inspired pieces: Artwork, wooden puzzles, etc. There is plenty of options out there!

Quiet Space

With the advancements of technology it is becoming increasingly difficult to find downtime to just get away from a screen. As parents we naturally want our kids to be able to enjoy their childhood for as long as possible and are now beginning to try and disconnect from technology ourselves in our homes. Creating a quiet space within their room/play space allows them to do this. This could be as simple as a reading nook filled with cosy cushions or as elaborate as you like. If you would like to read more about the benefits of having a quiet space for your child please see here.


So there you have it! My call for the kids interior trend of 2020. My favourite part is, it’s so versatile that you really can’t go wrong. The beauty of nature is that it isn’t perfect, it’s a bit rustic and no two things are ever the same. So the space shouldn’t be either! Add layers, mix it up a little to see what you love and throw caution to the wind!

Em x

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