In a world that is so full of noise, how do we give our children the opportunity to experience silence? With the rise and availability of technology at our fingertips nowadays, it is second nature for them to hear constant ringing and buzzing. Screens always illuminated and some kind of background noise. But did you know that we haven’t actually evolved enough to keep up with the rapid rise in technology? Sure we can cope, but something as simple as silence could be the best gift you could ever give your child!

Silence gives children the ability to calm down and focus. Have you ever noticed when you’re out on a bushwalk amongst complete silence you can hear the rustling of the leaves and chirping of the birds so much clearer? You can connect with the world around you. Research has actually shown that being constantly bombarded and surrounded by noise can impact on a child’s development. If they are unable to hear well they can then in turn struggle with their reading skills.  

Creating a calming, cosy quiet space for your child gives them a quiet and protected space to calm down and relax from anything that is very loud or busy. It gives them somewhere to focus and imagine without the distractions that our world has now evolved into. This can help stop them becoming overwhelmed with emotions but shouldn’t be associated with a punishment or ‘Time Out’ zone.

This zone is a great space for them to explore their imaginations, read some books, and just spend some time away from all the everyday noise and technologies. Want to know how to create this kind of zone for them? Easy fixed! They just need a quiet, cosy area they can call their own. Think teepees, canopies, small cubby house, cushion corners, reading nooks, etc. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It just needs to feel like a space they can come to at a time they need some quiet and comfort. Load it up with soft cushions (shop here for some cool ones), a cosy blanket or two, and they will be in hideaway heaven!

P.S. This is totally a good reminder to take some quiet time out for yourself because noise effects our lives too and we need the fresh air of silence once in a while!

Emma x

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