When you’re expecting a baby and you have limited space for all of the items they need, how do you optimise that space to your advantage? This was the problem faced in Sylvia Jeffreys nursery (star of Channel 9’s Today Extra and 60 Minutes). So she brought in organisational expert and queen, Anita Burges, to help her organise and style her baby boys nursery! But don’t stress we’re here to help share all of Anita’s amazing tips with you now!

Ok, let’s be honest babies come with a lot of stuff….. clothes, blankets, swaddles, burp cloths, nappies, the list continues. Obviously you need somewhere to store it all and ideally somewhere that is organised and easily accessible. That way you’re not forever pulling out everything except what you need and throwing it all back in again. It gets a little more complicated when you have a small space to work with and no storage in there. Sylvia had a bare room of only 2 x 3 metres with no cupboards. The only storage was one set of drawers ready for the impending arrival of her first little bundle of joy with husband Peter Stefanovic. So Anita from Mise En Place set about creating an organised nursery that worked with the minimal space available. Plus she added in a beautiful modern Australiana theme to jazz it up.




Top 5 Tips for An Organised Nursery in a Small Space

1. Use a Chest of Drawers with a changing mat/basket on top rather than a changing table. They will outgrow the changing table in no time and you will definitely need the extra storage the drawers can provide.

2. Use drawer dividers. Babies clothes are cute but tiny. You don’t want to be sifting through a million tiny outfits to find the one you were after. So get yourself some dividers and sort them into the different sizes they will grow into for ease of access.

3. Find the Sweet Spot. No we’re not talking about desserts here (but who doesn’t love dessert). It’s a folding method to help you fold those teeny tiny clothes the perfect way. Then they will sit upright in the drawers and mean you can see each one without pulling the rest out! Want to see a video on this method? Watch here!

4. Add in some extra storage! Seems simple right? That’s because it is. Pick one corner in the room that is currently not being used/under utilised. Then find a simple storage solution that will fit into the space. See this one here in the photo? It’s great because it has drawers, shelves and some hanging space too. But if you’re not in a position to put something like that in (perhaps you’re renting) look for something simple eg: tall cube shelving with baskets. You will then have somewhere extra to fold and stack all their blankets, towels, wraps, and extra bits and pieces.

5. Create a comfy feeding corner. You will spend a LOT of time feeding your baby so make sure you create a comfy space for that. Pop the chair next to a little table. That way you have anything you need to grab/put down whilst your feeding within arms reach.

Now onto the fun part!

Adding some decor to turn it from super functional and organised to a magical space for you both to enjoy!

Pick 2-3 colours to feature in the nursery. Then find a few pieces in those colours to some statement pieces to the room, eg: linen, artwork, cushions, etc.

Sylvia’s nursery was created with the Australiana theme in mind and some beautiful brands were involved in the nursery reveal.

We were lucky enough to have both our Star Cushion Combo Pack and our Leaf Cushion featured in the cot.

The stars chosen by Anita and Sylvia to complete the combo pack was a Standard White Star, Medium Mustard Star and Small Light Grey Star. Plus a Forest Green Leaf Cushion to sit alongside these.

For a full product list of all the brands featured in Sylvia Jeffries nursery see here.

Full credit of course needs to go to the amazing stylist and professional organiser Anita Birges from Mise En Place. This has all come to life because of her. If you would like to check her out on Instagram or her website please see links below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mise_en_place_aus/ 

Website: https://www.mise-en-place.com.au 

I would also like to hear what you thought of the lovely Sylvia Jeffreys nursery and to thank her for allowing us to be a part of this special time in her life.

Thanks Em x


Image Credits @thetodayshow and @mise_en_place_aus