Just because it’s not your house doesn’t mean you can’t make it your home! Plus why should you get to miss out on all the decorating fun? Trust me, lot’s of homeowners use these tricks too because who doesn’t like to move their kids room around every now and then and well, who has time to get their stud finder, hammer and drill out? So, let’s get into it!

Removable Hooks

Available from Bunnings, Big W, Kmart or any of your local hardware or department stores these little guys are literally your BEST friends when it comes to renting. Command Hooks are my personal favourite and come in a variety of weight bearings. This will allow you to hang prints, wall hangings, etc. on the wall and mobiles, canopies, etc. from the ceiling without making a single hole or damaging any paint. Tip: always check the weight restrictions, follow application instructions carefully and hang items that are lighter than advised on the packaging just to be on the safe side!


As a renter, you may not exactly be in love with the choice of flooring in your kid’s space (hello 1970’s retro carpet)…. Or perhaps the beautiful floorboards need protecting from potential ‘artwork’ and scratches. Either way you can instantly jazz up a space with a large surface area rug. The Rug Lady has a large variety of rugs that are perfect for this. They can warm up a space and provide a soft play space for your kids to play on or even a feature piece of your overall design! Tip: Try to avoid picking a rug with a deep pile e.g.: shag pile. These are best left for cosy reading nooks. The wheels of their wooden toys will get stuck or they will inevitably loose their lego pieces in there and nobody wants to be caught stepping on one of those bad boys in the middle of the night when you’re checking to make sure they’re sleeping!

Removable Wallpaper & Decals

Now just because the room came painted a certain colour doesn’t mean you can’t do anything! And no I’m not suggesting you just go out and repaint the room anyway – that’s a guaranteed way not to get your rental bond back! No, I’m talking about the amazing removable wallpaper and decals which are now out on the market! They are made from amazing technology which means they are actually made of fabric and leave no glue or residue when you remove them! So you can move them around till your hearts content. See this blog post for my favourite brands which sell them.


Sure, you aren’t going to go and hire an Electrician to change the light fixtures around but there is some easy changes you can implement to make it your kids space a little more magical. If you don’t like the overhead lighting there is plenty of novelty floor and bedside lamps that can fit in with the overall theme of the room. Plus who says fairy lights are just for Christmas? Nothing says magical like adding some fairy lights into the space. Draped around a canopy, over a teepee, in a reading nook, etc. Tip: make sure to keep wires/batteries out of reach of children and turn them off when not in use to avoid overheating.

Soft Furnishings

This is by far the easiest way to decorate any kids space, rented or otherwise. Bed linen and my personal favourite of course, cushions, can add that extra wow factor to your room without too much effort at all! By choosing a variety of colours, textures and sizes, it will add different layers of visual elements and draw the eye around the room. This then easily distracts from any of those things you cannot change and add an extra touch of magic to their room! Our Original Range Cushion Combo Pack is perfect for this – 3 different sizes and your choice of shapes.

So as you can see you’re only limited by your imagination! All of these tips are utilised by many homeowners to avoid having to repaint, drill multiple holes in the walls and ceiling and give them the chance to mix things up easily. What’s stopping you now?

Em x

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